Vlogmas 2023

We are officially in the single digits until Christmas! Are you ready? This year, I decided to participate in Vlogmas – something I had never done before, but always loved tuning in to on YouTube! So far, I’m proud of myself for staying consistent and posting every day!

If you haven’t seen any of my vlogmas episodes yet, you can check out my playlist here. In each episode, you’ll find a mini “day in the life,” Sunday rests, a quick office tour, and the opening of corgi Christmas cards – Biggie and Karma are part of the Corgi Christmas Card exchange this year – we sent more than 300 cards, and we’ve been getting some in every day. I love being part of the corgi community!

I wanted to make this blog post to wish you all a happy holidays – Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and happy new year! I hope 2024 brings everything you wish for!

Below is my most recent vlogmas episode:


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