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Why we Choose Skout’s Honor

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ve definitely heard me talk about my two corgis, Biggie Smalls and Karma. In fact, you can follow them and all their cuteness on their IG page!

While corgis don’t typically have a lot of grooming needs, they still need attention to their nails and corgi glitter – aka they shed a lot! And while most don’t need more than an underbelly and booty fur trim, my husband and I still need to address some simple upkeeping in between their grooming appointments.

When Biggie was an only fur child (a far-distant memory now!), we pretty much used any dog grooming product, as he didn’t have sensitive skin. However, after getting Karma, we noticed she couldn’t handle all dog bathing products. In most cases, she would get dry skin after an at-home bath, and she would start shedding clumps of fur, which I could easily pull out, and see dry skin at the other end. Of course, after taking her to the vet, I was told Karma’s skin condition is environment-based, and she would need prescription shampoo – which can quickly add up!

I honestly can’t remember how we ended up finding Skout’s Honor, but I do know it started with their Probiotic Deodorizer Spray. We got the honeysuckle scent, specifically to use in between their grooming appointments and after a walk or a day at the dog park. What I initially loved about it is that it truly smells great! I spray it on both dogs and massage it in with my hands or with a gentle dog brush – Biggie loves being pampered while Karma will tolerate it.. for a few minutes.

Sometime later, I tried out Skout’s Honor’s Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioner and was shocked to find Karma wasn’t bothered at all! She didn’t have dry skin after her bath, and she didn’t seem extra itchy. And I knew it really worked well when I didn’t see any clumps of fur sticking out from her body. I was truly surprised Karma’s sensitive skin could handle the shampoo. From that point on, I made the decision to fully switch to Skout’s Honor bathing products on my dogs. The big plus for me was knowing that the brand has a variety of dog bathing and grooming products I could choose from, which meant I could trust Karma’s skin wouldn’t be irritated.

After learning how well their products work, I decided to sign up to be a brand ambassador with Skout’s Honor! And yes, we have a code you can use to save on their products: BIGGIEKARMA. And while we aren’t being asked (and we’re not being paid either) to specifically write this blog post, I wanted to share my genuine review on Skout’s Honor, in hopes of helping other dog parents navigate their pup’s skin issues/challenges. I truly believe the best brand partnerships come from true fans of the brand – and that’s what we are!

I haven’t tried all of their products (yet!), but I wanted to share a quick review on the rest of what we have tried:

  • Laundry Booster – Stain & Odor Removal Additive – We have a white comforter, and the corgis love leaving their dirty paw prints all over it. Normally have to keep this in the wash for a bit longer than normal to completely get the stains out. I noticed the Laundry Booster made a HUGE difference in keeping our comforter white. We used up one bottle pretty quickly, so I’d be selective on how you use it! Use with your regular detergent.
  • Urine Destroyer – A pet-safe stain and odor remover, so I feel safe when using it. The corgis don’t have many accidents these days, so I’ve only had to use it a few times. I’ve also used it on stains of my own doing, and yes, it’s worked well on both human-caused and dog-caused stains!

One new product line they recently released is oral care, and we are so excited to try out their Peanut Butter and Bacon Flavored Oral Gel! From the directions, it sounds easy and simple to use – just squeeze a bit of it onto their gum lines and watch them lick away. It’s said to help freshen their breath and fight plaque and tartar buildup. We currently use oral cleansing wipes from Amazon (they don’t smell yummy, so I’m sure they don’t taste yummy), so I know the corgis will find this gel much more appealing. I’ll be sure to shoot a YouTube review of it as well, so stay tuned! Subscribe to my channel if you’re not already!

Don’t forget, you can save on your Skout’s Honor order of $50 or more with our code: BIGGIEKARMA. If you aren’t sure where to start, or it’s your first time ordering from the brand, here’s what I recommend you start with:

This will get you right at that $50 mark to save with our code. Otherwise, I’d recommend switching one of the items out for something else useful, like dog wipes (dog wipes save us/the car after a messy dog park day), the oral gel (because clean teeth are important!), or the Prebiotic Pet Balm (we love balms for their paws!).

Oh, and another reason why we like Skout’s Honor? Their Paw Pledge: buy a bottle, feed an animal. Skout’s Honor will “provide a day’s worth of food to an animal in need with every product sold.”

I hope you and your pup(s) have a great day! <3

Extra Voluminous Hair | How I get Voluminous Waves

If you follow me on any of my social channels, you’ve probably seen some of my hair tutorials. I recently tried a different technique over the weekend, and I’m truly impressed with the end result!

This new (at least new to me) technique gave me extra volume and lift, and gave my hair such a cute look. I used two different hair tools: a deep waver and a 1.25-inch curling iron (I used a Beachwaver.. use my code: CHRISTINADWAVE). I section my hair off and alternate between the two different hair tools with each section. When I move to the outter layer of my hair, I try to make sure that I have a different style going over the bottom layer of my hair.

After curling my hair, I use my hands to finger-comb my hair – I think this works better than a wide-tooth comb for this look, because you’ll see in my video below, that the sections I used the deep waver on got a little bit frizzy.

To finish, I used a bit of hairspray and shine spray. If you’ve used a three-barrel deep waver before, you’ll definitely see a difference in this look versus using the deep waver all over your hair. To me, this look is a bit more relaxed and more natural looking. This is definitely a look I want to try again, and this time use both a texture spray and hairspray to help give my hair that extra hold it needs.

Don’t forget, you can shop all of my hair tools on my Amazon Storefront!

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How I get my curls to last | Long-lasting curls

Since I started sharing hair tutorials, the question I get asked the most is how I get my curls to last. It was only a few days ago when I realized I never posted about my must-have hair products on my blog – so here it is!

These are the styling products I use from the moment before I start styling my hair, in order through the very end.

*Also one quick note: During my time in working with the Beachwaver, I’ve grown to genuinely love their products. I find they work well and smell great! Use code: CHRISTINADWAVE to save on any Beachwaver product!

My steps for long-lasting curls

  • Heat protectant spray: Always use this before using any type of hot tool on your hair. My favorite is the Chi Iron Guard. I’ve seen it on sale plenty of times at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack.
  • Volumizing mousse: If I’m looking for big and exaggerated waves, I use the Beachwaver Volumizing Mousse on damp hair. I have a look at how my hair looks after styling with it on my “Hair” highlight on my Instagram!
  • Braid balm: This is an absolute must, especially when I’m using the Dyson Airwrap. The braid balm from the Beachwaver really helps enhance my curls, making them last much longer. You can use this after using the volumizing mousse, but just make sure your hair is close to, if not completely dry.
  • Texture spray: I find myself using texture spray more than hairspray these days, and my favorite texture spray is from the Beachwaver. I use this on my underlayers close to my roots, and all over my hair. Apart from texture, it gives me the lift and body my hair needs. I also like that it doesn’t make my hair crunchy.
  • Hairspray: A lot of times, I’ll finish my styling with the texture spray above, but if I’m looking for extra hold, I’ll finish my style with one of these hairsprays: Beachwaver Heat and Hairspray, TRESemmé TRES Two, or the Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray– none of these blow my mind, but I’ve been using the TRESemmé one for years.
  • Curling mousse: Curling mousse is something I’ve always wanted to use, but have never have been able to since my hair is pin-straight. But I recently started using curling mousse after styling full curls on myself. And I don’t mean wavy or soft curls, I’m talking spiral curls. I’ll use this mousse from the Beachwaver after curling each section of hair. Afterward, I’ll use a texture spray and a little bit of hairspray all over.
  • Smoothing cream: I use smoothing cream if I’m looking to create a sleek bun look. I’ve only used two different brands, but my favorite is the Keep it Calm smoothing cream from the Beachwaver. I will also put a little bit all over my hair to help refresh my second-day or overnight curls, and to keep it from looking frizzy.

Must-have hair products?

When it comes to my must-have hair products, the majority of those listed above are definitely on the list. I actually have a video dedicated to some of what I think are great hair products. Watch it below:

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I love sharing all things hair with you all – Let me know if there’s a hair tool or styling product you’d like for me to test out and review! <3


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Vlogmas 2023

We are officially in the single digits until Christmas! Are you ready? This year, I decided to participate in Vlogmas – something I had never done before, but always loved tuning in to on YouTube! So far, I’m proud of myself for staying consistent and posting every day!

If you haven’t seen any of my vlogmas episodes yet, you can check out my playlist here. In each episode, you’ll find a mini “day in the life,” Sunday rests, a quick office tour, and the opening of corgi Christmas cards – Biggie and Karma are part of the Corgi Christmas Card exchange this year – we sent more than 300 cards, and we’ve been getting some in every day. I love being part of the corgi community!

I wanted to make this blog post to wish you all a happy holidays – Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and happy new year! I hope 2024 brings everything you wish for!

Below is my most recent vlogmas episode:


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Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.. which means we can all officially listen to Christmas music without any pushback! Don’t worry, I listen to Christmas music whenever I want! Okay.. now to the gift guides.

I separated my gift guides into different sections, so my “gifts for her” collage might look a little sparse – but that is because there is also a “haircare” gift guide, and stocking stuffers. Overall, these collages are literally guides – meant to give you inspo to tailor your gifts for your friends and family. Which is also a big reason why my “gifts for him” guide is always small compared to my other collages. Whether the man you’re shopping for loves the outdoors or prefers to splurge on tool boxes – there’s just no happy medium to combine everything into one collage. so, I just keep that one simple – a mix of clothing, cologne, and something I think all men will enjoy!

Remember, as with any other sale or holiday- stay within your budget. It’s the thought that counts!

Also! I want to mention two items that I think would be great gift ideas for anyone interested in skincare. The first one is this Major Fade Solution System from PillowtalkDerm. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I really like the products! It’s made to help anyone fighting their dark spots and aging – I’d say this is great for anyone in their 30s and up! Plus, the founder, Dr. Shereene Iddriss offers a ton of free tips on her YouTube channel.

The second item is the Nu Skin LumiSpa! The sale starts Nov. 22nd and the bundle (LumiSpa + cleanser) will be 15% off, bringing it down $40 and making it about $216! I will leave the link for the bundle here, but DM me on my Instagram for a special promo I can offer you if you buy a LumiSpa! If you’ve been on the fence about buying it, check out my blog post with comparison pics (I was skeptical too!). I love mine and now actually look forward to washing my face – hey, I’m surprised too! This deal will run until Monday, Nov. 27. *LumiSpa heads are also 20% off! I’ll be buying a few for myself! *Message me on IG (@christinaonair) so I can get you the right products! I find the site a little confusing, so this will make it easier for you!

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Gifts for Pets – Don’t forget them!

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My Puffer Vest Collection

Tis the season for puffer vests! We might be a little past that here in Montana, but I’m sure we’ll have a few “warmer” days where it’s not totally freezing here.

To me, a good puffer vest can add a lot to your outfit, and really help elevate it. I don’t consider myself a real fashion blogger/influencer, but I do feel pretty fashionable in a nice puffer vest – lol. In fact, my puffer vest collection has grown since moving to Montana – I only had one puffer vest in Colorado!

Out of my four puffer vests, half are from Amazon and the other half came from other shops. Fortunately, I found similar options that are still available; so three out of the four puffer vests I’m sharing are from Amazon.

  1. Black Oversized Amazon Puffer Vest
  2. Cropped Amazon Puffer Vest
  3. Free People-inspired Amazon Puffer Vest (very similar looking to the one I bought from an online boutique)
  4. Brown Teddy vest (I don’t have this one, personally)

As for sizing in all of these – I wear a size small. Even if a puffer vest says “oversized” on Amazon, I still get a size small.

What I love most about puffer vests is the versatility of them. I can wear them with jeans, leggings, and even sweatpants. So, it’s perfect to wear when I’m out running errands, or lounging at home and want to look a bit more put together.

I have a try-on of my puffer vest collection in my YouTube video down below.

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