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Rothy’s Weekender Bag | Closer Look

I have several blog posts up talking about my love for Rothy’s. It’s a great brand and I feel that their products are well made!

You can check out my blog post on my full Rothy’s collection here and my blog post on my review of the Rothy’s Mini Handbag here.

The Rothy’s Weekender bag is something that’s been on my list for a while. It’s huge and it definitely fits a ton of stuff.

While Rothy’s website has a short video comparison of both the Weekender and Overnighter bags, I didn’t feel it showed enough and even felt like there wasn’t much of a difference.

So, while I don’t have both bags, I wanted to show you what all can fit in the Weekender bag.

First-time Rothy’s customer? Get $20 off your purchase:

Get the Weekender bag here:

Watch my full Closer Look segment on this bag:

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Best Amazon Work Dresses | Amazon finds

Working in the TV news industry has definitely filled my closet with plenty of work dresses. The majority of them come from Amazon.

It took me a while to get comfortable shopping for clothes on Amazon. I was worried about sizing, the hassle of returns or exchanges, and getting the wrong item all together!

If you share the same concerns, worry no more! I’m happy to say I’ve only gotten the wrong item ONCE in all my years of dress shopping on Amazon. I ordered a dress and got red pants.. what?!

As for getting the same item I ordered, but having it look completely off.. that’s happened once as well.

All of the dresses I’ve ordered are soft and actually comfortable – I hate when dresses are itchy, so I’m glad Amazon has been a good shopping outlet – and the prices are great!

Because I’m petite, nearly half of my dresses have to be taken in to get hemmed. So, be aware that may need to be done if you are also petite.

Now that I’m out of the news business, I don’t really have to buy any new work dress for a long while. I can wear a new dress every day for more than two weeks! Maybe even three weeks, but I’m not counting, lol!

These are dresses I’ll definitely keep for a long time – and they stay in great condition because I ONLY wear them for work or special occasions/events.

Check out my video where I try on all my Amazon work dresses. I’ll have links to each dress below the video too!

Dress links (in order of appearance when I walk):

Blue dress dip in collar:

Black sleeveless dress:

Red short-sleeve dress:

Long-sleeve green dress:

Striped white, green, and blue dress:

Black, orange, and pink dress:

Beige sweater dress:

Purple, white, and pink dress:

Navy blue quarter-sleeve length dress:

Green dress (this is more of a cocktail dress, but still good for TV news anchors!):

Blue sleeveless dress with black on sides:

White and blue floral sleeveless dress:

Black short-sleeve dress:

Grey short-sleeve dress:

Blue long-sleeve dress:

For the dresses below, I bought them years ago, so it’s unavailable now, but may be again later:

Black and white dress:

Olive green and black dress:

Striped black and white dress:

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A random vlog – day in the life and mini what’s in my purse!

Happy weekend! This week’s YouTube video is a little all over the place. It’s a mix of a vlog with a few finds from Etsy and Amazon, along with a mini what’s in my bag video!

Here’s a little run through of some of the new things I got!

From Etsy
  1. YSL-inspired sweater – As you’ll see in my vlog, it’s extremely comfy! I’m wearing a size medium for a loose and oversized fit.
  2. “I speak fluent French” shirt – The sleeves are a bit long, but I wear them folded. I’m wearing a size small.

I mention my new kitchen table in my vlog – It’s from Hekman, but I’m not able to link the chairs. I am however, able to link the table. It’s the perfect fit and I love the neutral color.

From Amazon:
  1. Makeup brushes – This is even cheaper than I thought, under $10 for 14 brushes! I’ve been using the same makeup brushes for years, it was definitely time for an upgrade.
  2. Bag/purse strap – This is my alternative solution to making my Louis Vuitton Speedy more like a Speedy B! It’s way more cost-effective at around $12, compared to buying a whole new LV purse. I got the dark brown color, which is a perfect match to my purse.
  3. Blue Screen Glasses – These make a huge difference in my sinus headaches. You’ll see in my vlog how I had to order a new pair, so I went for these >> Quay Blue Screen Glasses. If you still don’t have a pair of blue screen glasses, you should strongly consider them, especially if you do a lot of work on your phone or computer.
  4. Amazon Chest – I didn’t actually talk about this in my vlog, but while I was editing, I noticed you get good a shot of this chest in my office. I think it’s so cute and it was definitely a lot easier to put together than Ikea furniture.

I mention my air fryer in my vlog – if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one! Food cooks a lot faster and you need basically little to no oil. I have the PowerXL Airfryer and I absolutely love it!

Looking for a smaller Yeti cup? I feel like everyone has the biggest one, but I wanted something smaller. I show you a light pink one in my vlog, but I kind of want to get this color too.

Watch my full vlog:

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Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.. PJs for Valentine’s Day? Well, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, so why not?!

Don’t worry, I’ve got date night outfit ideas too! But, I thought it’d be good to start with some comfy PJs from Target. I mentioned this on my Instagram, and YouTube channel, but I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finally make the move to Target’s PJ sets! They’re soft and extremely comfortable. And the sets.. come as a real set, not sold separately.

My favorites are this short and shirt set, and this latest set I got is the same version in pink, with pants! Well, they’re cropped pants, but totally look like regular pants on me, haha!

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Not sure what the restaurant scene is like where you’re at, but here in Montana, we can still dine in – socially distant of course.

Here are some of my favorite date night outfits:

The top comes from one of my favorite online boutiques, Rosie Daze Boutique. I’m wearing a size small. I think it’s such a cute top that easily makes you feel dressed up, but not over the top! I like this look paired with beige heels.

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This next outfit also comes from Rosie Daze Boutique. I love the blush pink romper paired with this denim jacket from Target. I feel like it gives the look a more casual vibe. To complete the look, I’ve also paired this look with beige heels.

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This next outfit was actually one of my holiday outfit options. It’s these sequin joggers from Express. I’m so glad I got these because I knew I’d be able to wear them for multiple occasions! Plus, they’re comfy.

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Feeling like a casual outfit, but not PJs? Check out this top from Target – it’s soft, but for daytime wear – perfect. I have it in two colors: mauve and white. I wear them with leggings or jeans. I also like to tie the front to give it a more fitted look.

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Looking for some accessories? Look no further, check out these machine washable options from Rothy’s!

I love the Mini Handbag in Candy Apple Red paired with the Berry Pointed Toe Flats – it’s a total V-Day look. Not sure how they’re machine washable? Check out my video all about it.

I also have this blog post showcasing my Rothy’s collection!

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I hope this blog post gave you some ideas for Valentine’s Day date night outfits, or just for regular day wear. Can’t decide? I like to buy pieces that serve multiple purposes – like my Express sequin joggers! I can wear them for multiple occasions. Or I’d wear some of these for a girls nights out, or any night out really!

Comment below and let me know which outfit is your favorite!

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My Rothy’s Collection

If you’ve been a longtime subscriber to my YouTube channel, you’ll know about my love for Rothy’s.

Rothy’s uses recycled plastic water bottles and marine plastic in all of their products – a big reason why I love the brand!

Another big reason.. their products are machine washable! I’ve washed my shoes countless times, and they continue to hold up.

And if you need another reason to take a closer look at Rothy’s.. they’re comfortable. I have wide feet and I always make sure my shoes won’t hurt me after long hours of wear. My Rothy’s flats have never hurt, so I continue to look at other styles they have.

My first pair of Rothy’s were the camo loafers.

I have these in a size 7. About a year later, I got a second pair of loafers in black. Not sure what changed, but these were tight in a seven!

The rest of my Rothy’s shoes are in a 7.5 and they all fit great.

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Watch my full video on my collection:

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Why I love Spanx Joggers

I got my first pair of Spanx not that long ago, and I totally get the hype. I got the faux leather leggings and LOVE them. I got them in a size medium in petite. I probably could have gotten a small, but I wanted to breathe around my waist!

The joggers however, I got in an XS.

What I love about the Spanx Joggers is that they’re so versatile. You can dress them up, or dress them down. I like how they look with heels, flats, and sneakers.

Another bonus, they’re comfy! They’re also pretty quiet too – a huge plus when you compare the Spanx Joggers to cheaper alternatives.

At 5′ tall, I still have to pull them up a tiny bit, but they STAY up. These joggers don’t come in petite sizing, but these work just fine.

If you’re super petite like me, and have been on the fence about these joggers, I’d say to go for it! I promise you’ll find many uses for them, whether it be causal, or a little more formal.

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