FlutterHabit Lashes | Review & Tutorial

I’ve always loved the look of long and full lashes, but lash extensions are just out of my price range.

As a former TV news reporter, I always wanted to accentuate my lashes, whether it was with mascara advertised to do the trick or glue-on lashes.

The problem with glue-on lashes is that they’re messy and I’m awful at them! You may remember a previous post about my go-to Pre-Glued Eylure False Lashes. Those are still my favorite false lashes, but now I have a new favorite DIY lash extension kit. AND.. it lasts for FIVE DAYS!

That’s right! DIY! They’re from FlutterHabit, which has DIY lash extension kits in several styles. I’ve been wearing the Happy Medium and I’m hooked!

For $29.99 you get two boxes of lashes, giving you six pairs.

The best part, they’re customizable! As you can see in the picture above, the Happy Medium comes in 4 lash clusters. You can wear them as is, or you can customize it for a more wispy look. That means you would cut the middle two clusters in half, to get a 3, 2, 2, 3 set of lash clusters.

I didn’t come up with my lash application technique on my own – that came up from a video posted by a “Flutter Expert” on the FlutterHabit Family Facebook group.

In fact, this is the exact video I followed. I highly recommend joining the Facebook group because it’s a great resource for tips and tricks, and a good spot to ask any questions you may have. My first application of these lashes would not have been as successful if it weren’t for the video.

While there is definitely a learning curve, it’s not as difficult as you might expect it to be, believe me! I thought I was going to have an awful time. But I give FlutterHabit lashes a 10/10 rating! Highly recommend!

While I have gotten my lashes to last a full week, I recommend not going longer than five days. I like to give my natural lashes a break and time to breathe in-between wears. I ONLY use the latex glue sold by FlutterHabit and haven’t had any issues or damage to my natural lashes.

For upkeep and maintenance, don’t drench your lashes in water, be careful with eye makeup removal (I normally use a Q-Tip to remove eye makeup while wearing these lashes).

To remove the lashes, I wait until after a hot shower, when the waterproof latex glue is soft and I can gently tug the lashes off. It’s painless and your natural lashes are safe! You can also use an oil-based makeup remover to remove the lashes, but I think after a hot shower is the easiest!

Because I enjoy FlutterHabit lashes so much, I reached out to the company to see if I could get a deal for you all!

Use code 10CHRISTINA to get 10% off!

Order them here: https://flutterhabit.com/

Let me know what your favorite style is!

Watch my full video and tutorial:

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