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My 2024 Double-Cleansing Routine

If you’re one of my YouTube subscribers, you may have already seen my video on my new double-cleansing routine. However, I thought it may be helpful to have a blog post about it, with some written details – for all my blog lovers out there!

My last blog post about this was four years ago, so you’re definitely due for an updated look at my new routine! Good news: it’s been simplified!

So, what is double-cleansing?

Double-cleansing is a two-step process where you first wash your face with an oil-based cleanser, then again with a water-based cleanser.

Who should double-cleanse?

From how I understand it, double-cleansing is beneficial for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin, and anyone who wears heavy makeup. I myself, have oily skin and used to wear heavy makeup, but have greatly simplified my makeup routine recently. Today, I still continue to double-cleanse – I don’t think I can stop! But here’s why: I wear a ton of sunscreen (hello, melasma) and will even reapply it throughout the day using powder sunscreen. I’ll also usually wear some makeup over my sunscreen. Combine all that with my oily skin – double-cleansing is a must for me.

How I double-cleanse

What used to be a routine containing 2-3 products, is now down to one product: One cleanser! I also take it one step further and have started incorporating my Nu Skin Lumispa (check out my blog post all about it here).

My first step is using this Soft Wash from Dr. Idriss on my dry face. What I like about the Soft Wash is that it feels like a mix of my Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm and a water-based cleanser, all in one. After massaging the cleanser all over my face, you can see your makeup start to melt off. After that, I rinse my face with water and continue to massage the cleanser all over my face.

My face feels pretty clean afterward and doesn’t feel stripped of my natural moisture. This cleanser is also great if you wear contacts or glasses, as it won’t sting your eyes when you open them (to check if you’ve covered your whole face!). Afterward, I dry my face with a dedicated face towel. I like this 12-pack of face towels from Amazon.

My second step is using the same cleanser, but washing my face with my Nu Skin LumiSpa. I’ll squeeze some cleanser on my LumiSpa, and dab it on the four quadrants of my face. I’ll then get a little bit of water on my LumiSpa, and then begin working it around my face – a total of two minutes! What comes off, is insane! Even if all I wore that day is tinted sunscreen, my “dirt swipe” from my LumiSpa is very brown. That reason alone, is why I can’t stop using my Lumi. I’ve got some before and afters of using my Lumi on that blog post linked above.

After being disgusted with my face, I rinse my face again and dry it off with a face towel. It is then, when I begin my nighttime skincare routine. Yes, I only double-cleanse at night!

While double-cleansing can be a process, sticking to only one cleanser that is gentle, yet powerful, can be life-changing for your skin! I absolutely recommend you give it a try if you have a similar skin type to mine.

Let me know how you double-cleanse and what your favorite products are!

*If you’re interested in getting a LumiSpa, send me a DM on Instagram. I’ll try to help you get a deal (like a discount or a free cleanser!)!

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Nu Skin LumiSpa First Impressions

I think just being in my 30s has made me take a serious look at my skincare routine. I find myself asking questions like, “Is this even working?” I want smoother-looking skin, and of course, to rid my face of those annoying blackheads!

The Nu Skin LumiSpa was something I started looking into months ago, however, it is pretty pricey! The ageLOC LumiSpa iO device itself is priced at $245. Throw in the face wash (specific to your skin type), and it’s $255 for the “kit.” I say “kit” in quotes because it doesn’t even include a stand (I was in denial). So, I really took some time, and did a ton of research on whether it would be right for my skin type and if it truly does work.

Just around the time I was ready to bite the bullet and make the big purchase, Nu Skin had an after-Labor Day sale – I was ready! But they also had a special deal if you signed up to be an affiliate – which was NOT my plan at all. I go into more detail about this and my thoughts on MLMs in my full first impressions YouTube video, but the main takeaway here is that I specifically joined the affiliate program in order to get that special deal.

Okay, let’s get right into it..

Does the LumiSpa work? aka, it is effective?

I’ve been using the LumiSpa for nearly three weeks now and I’m happy to say it’s actually quite effective. While I understand it can take your skin/body three months to fully see the effect of a new routine/diet, the things I noticed first were the little blackheads around the corners of my mouth disappearing. These are blackheads so small and close to the surface, so I’m glad I pretty much got instant results in that sense.

I’ve also noticed the LumiSpa truly does lift makeup and face grease away. Please understand, this is not a makeup-removing device, so when I say it lifts makeup away, I’m talking about the leftover makeup on my face, that I didn’t get off with my hands and cleanser.

Here are some screenshots of a few tests I did with the LumiSpa:

Half face test

I used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup and didn’t wash my face in the shower (I don’t think I used enough cleanser in this try).

Half face test

I used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup and washed my face in the shower with cleanser on the other half of my face.

Cleansing balm to remove makeup, no shower

The next morning, no shower

I also want to mention, every time I’ve used my LumiSpa and used a toner on my face – the cotton round is still white! This never happened before the LumiSpa – so I guess I just sucked at cleaning my face.

What I hope to see in the next three months

While I’m happy with the results I’ve seen from the LumiSpa so far, I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next three months. I really hope to see my texture improve, my face continue to look even clearer, and just less acne and blackheads in general.

Should you get it?

I think the LumiSpa can be beneficial for anyone looking to get a deeper cleanse in their skincare routine. However, I do think those who are prone to blackheads will be super happy with the results, because the LumiSpa really does push out blackheads and whiteheads, with ease.

My face never feels irritated after using this twice a day – it only takes two minutes, and that’s the best part! It’s also so easy to use. It’s similar to using the Sonicare toothbrush, where it will vibrate to alert you when it’s time to switch to another section of your face (which Is divided into four quadrants).

I personally don’t think the Nu Skin website is the easiest to use, so I’m linking a few kits with specific cleanser types. I will link one kit with the stand, but let me know if you’re looking to get one in a specific color!

Nu Skin LumiSpa iO Essentials Kit (these do NOT include the stand)

Normal Skin

Oily Skin (this is the one I got)

Dry Skin

Sensitive Skin

LumiSpa + Stand (normal skin face wash)

Watch my full review and see the LumiSpa in action

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