My Summer Essentials

Does it feel like summer where you are? It started to here in Montana, but quickly turned rainy, and a bit cold – but the sun will shine again!

I recently posted a video on my “summer must-haves for the girly-girl,” but I wanted to create a blog post that can hold a list of ALL my summer essentials that includes everything from home, fashion, and more!

Summer is my favorite season, I love being warm and sunkissed. But it’s more than that of course – like adventures, summer activities, and just creating new memories with your friends and loved ones.

Here are my summer essentials!

  • For the Home
    • Outdoor sectional with pillows – I like how you can rearrange this one into any layout you want.
    • Hanging chair – This was my best pandemic purchase. I still use it a to to this day! I’m linking my Walmart Storefront with some options.
    • Smokeless fire pit – We have the Solo Stove in the largest size and it’s nice to be able to roas marshmallows to make smores and keep warm during the summer nights.
    • A grill! My husband really wants a Traeger, but I’m linking a few different options here. We love grilling out during the summer. The one we have now is broken though, so that will have to wait.
    • Fly fans – I hate bugs, so these fly flans from Amazon have been helpful and keeping ALL flies away! Comes in a set of two!
  • Good Water Bottles
    • I love my Hydrojug and TAL bottles – both serve different purposes and both are just cute for summer!
  • For Your Skin
    • Sunscreen – I recommend always having both tinted and regular sunscreen on hand, in addition to your body sunscreen. If facial sunscreen isn’t a habit for you already, make it one! For body sunscreen, this one from Vacation has my new favorite! It smells good!
    • Sunshield – this one protects you from ALL UV rays. It was constantly on my head when I was in Palm Springs in 100-degree weather. Use my code for 15% off: CHRISTINA15
  • For your OOTD/OOTN
    • Breathable outfits – I love linen clothing during the summer season. Check out my LTK for all my outfit links!
    • Summer sandals – There’s always good options at Target and Nordstrom, and I’m sure DSW as well!
    • I’m also going to link my Amazon Storefront, since I have a few outfits linked in my fashion folder. You’ll also see my Travel and Cruise Essentials folders, which will be helpful for any trips you may have planned this summer.

I hope my list helps and hope you all have the best summer! <3

*Disclaimer: Some affiliate links may be used, which I may earn a small commission from (at no cost to you). As an Amazon Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases.