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JUNO & Co. Moonshine Miracle Cream | Review


Primer is a big must for me when applying my makeup. I know big pores will forever be huge, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change that.

So, I’m always on the lookout for something that will make my pores APPEAR smaller or less noticeable. However, I’m very skeptical of every product as well.

When JUNO & Co. reached out to me to review their Moonshine Miracle Cream primer, I was pretty excited to finally try something that’s supposed to blur your skin and clear imperfections.

According to JUNO & Co.’s website, their Moonshine Miracle Cream is made with sodium hyaluronate and avocado extract.

Overall, I think this primer works well and is definitely worth checking out. You can see how I compare it to the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, my normal everyday (when I wear foundation) primer.

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Get it here:

OR get it on Amazon:

Check out my full review on the Moonshine Miracle Cream primer:

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Chi Spin N Curl | Review

The white chair in front of me makes this pic.

Doing my hair is something I’ve always loved, especially as a kid. Now, I have to do my hair for work purposes.

Hair tools are something I’m not short on, and I could always use more. So, when I stumbled upon the Chi Spin N Curl, I was interested, but also very skeptical.

It’s not a new product, it’s been out for a few years now, but I just didn’t think it would work well!

Well, I was wrong.. and it actually wasn’t as difficult to use as I thought it’d be.

You can hear my full thoughts and watch my tutorial in my review posted down below. I go over the features, my first impressions, and a time comparison between my curling wand and the Spin N Curl.

Get the Chi Spin N Curl here:

I couldn’t find the exact NuMe Curling Wand I have, but this looks like an updated version:

Watch my full review here:

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Favorite no-show socks!

After I posted my first Rothy’s loafers review on YouTube, I started getting a TON of questions on the best socks to wear with them and other shoes.

I thought it’d be helpful to write up a post sharing my newly-found favorite no-show socks and some others I’ve found useful with shoes that you wouldn’t typically wear socks with.

My current favorite no-show socks (also available in beige!):

Super low-cut socks:

Another option available in black, beige, and grey:

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Rothy’s Mini Handbag | Review

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m a BIG fan of Rothy’s. I love that they take recycled plastic materials, like plastic water bottles, and turn them into fashion!

I have two pairs of their loafers and one pair of rounded-toe flats. They’re comfy and MACHINE WASHABLE.. the best part in my opinion.

When I saw they released a handbag, I knew I had to eventually get one.

I settled on the Mini Handbag in Candy Apple and so far, I love it! It’s soft, yet sturdy and holds everything I need. I also love that it adds a pop of color to any outfit.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was a laundry bag! The handbag came with both a storage bag and laundry bag – definitely made the price worth it for me.

Get $20 off any Rothy’s item:

The Mini Handbag:

Watch my full review:

Eyelure Pre-glued Lashes | Review & Tutorial

False lashes have always been difficult for me. Even after trying glue-on lashes numerous times, I can’t ever get it right!

When magnetic lashes came out, I was excited! It took some practice, but I eventually nailed it down. They’re definitely easier than glue-ons.. for me at least.

The problem was.. they damage easily or slowly start to move towards the end of my lashes and look VERY obvious.

When I found pre-glued lashes from Eylure, I was pumped! They are VERY sticky and do require a little bit of trimming, but after that, they’re perfect!

I’m also able to get at least TWO uses out of them! Now, they’re not meant to be worn twice, but if you’re able to get them on right the first time, without lifting them back off your lash-line multiple times, the glue will definitely last for a second wear at another date!

I’ve also tried them out again for a THIRD time, which required lash glue.. and it worked! So, really if you’re up for it, you can get THREE wears total.

I’ll mostly be sticking to the double wear since I’m awful at glue, but it’s definitely an option if you’re on a tight budget!

At under $5, these are definitely my favorite false lashes.

I’ve seen at Target and they’re also on Amazon!

Eylure Naturals:

Eylure Wispy Intense:

Eylure Volume:

*I wasn’t able to find the Wispy Light version on Amazon, but I got mine at Target!

Watch my full review and tutorial on the lashes:

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Teami Restore | Review


As a Teami Partner, I’ve been able to try a few different products ranging from tea blends and dietary supplements.

The latest product I’ve been enjoying is Teami Restore. It’s a powder mix full of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.

According to the website, it’s meant to help you feel recharged and fully rested! – A way to destress.

While their website recommends drinking the mix before bed, I personally have been finding myself reaching for it after work as a cold drink.

I prefer cold drinks over hot drinks, but I definitely need to mix the powder in HOT water to make sure it’s well blended. Afterwards, I’ll add in a few ice cubes to help cool it down faster.

Does it work? I was definitely skeptical at first, but I do think it helps me relax faster than I normally could just sitting at home after work.

If you’re new to Teami, I would recommend trying out their tea blends. My favorite is the Skinny Tea. You can watch my full review on the tea here.

Want to give Teami Restore or Teami Blends a try? Use my coupon code: ONAIR25 to get 25% off!

My code will also work on some of their tumblers.

Get Teami Restore here.

Watch my full review on Teami Restore here:

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