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Mini Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Thanksgiving is officially over and all the sales have started pouring in.. well before Thanksgiving!

I’m calling this a mini gift guide because I haven’t had time to make a full-on list of ALL the Black Friday sales in between finishing unpacking and organizing our new home in Montana. You’ll also notice it’s mostly all gifts for HER and not a lot for HIM. Next year, I won’t have so much on my plate, and I hope to have a full gift guide prepared next year.

Part of my gift guide includes a few small businesses, two of which are from my home state of Arizona!

Watch my video for a look at the products:

Little Bum Coolers (AZ-based):

Kerekes Krafts (AZ-based):

  • personalized crafts
  • Got an idea? Send a message and the owner will work with you to bring your vision to life!
  • Get 10% off now through the end of December with code: CHRISTINA10
  • Shop here:


  • DIY lash extensions
  • Made to last up to five days (but mine have lasted longer!)
  • Several different style options available
  • 20% off whole site!
  • Shop here:


  • Skincare and tea blends
  • As a Teami partner, I can get you HALF off any item over $100, making this the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one of their bundles!
  • Use my code: ONAIR50 or click here:

Best Pet Hair removers (something for pet owners to get for themselves while shopping for others!)

  • ChomChom Roller
  • FURemover

Apple Airpods:

Quay Sunglasses

  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • No code needed!
  • They are offering an exclusive of THREE for the price of ONE!
  • Shop here.

Instant Pot

PowerXL Air Fryer


  • Shoes, purses, bags and more – made from recycled materials
  • For shoes, size up a half-size. I’m a size 7, but get their shoes in a 7.5
  • No Black Friday special or sale, but you can get $20 off anything site-wide through my link:


  • Treat-tossing pet camera with bark alerts, person alerts, and dog selfie alerts
  • Get it for 64% off with their Black Friday special
  • Get an extra $5 off with my code: CHRIST647
  • Get it here:

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

  • In the Wild Throw Blanket
  • The color I have is ALREADY GONE!
  • Keep an eye on it for other colors to return:

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JUNO & Co. | JUNOSKIN Cleansing Balm | Review

My office in our new home is almost complete! It feels great to have a space dedicated to the work on my blog – I’ll be sure to show you the finished look!

This week’s blog post is all about JUNOSKIN. I’m fairly new to JUNO & Co. and I’ve been enjoying learning about the company, which makes affordable skincare and makeup.

I reviewed their Moonshine Miracle Cream a while ago, which I think is comparable to SmashBox’s Photofinish primer.

If you’re new or just getting started with cleansing balms, I highly recommend checking out JUNOSKIN’s Clean 10 Cleansing balm.

It’s so incredibly silky and quickly melts in your fingers. It makes your makeup removal process so smooth and easy. Because it’s so silky, I was expecting it to leave a little bit of grease behind, but it doesn’t!

I’d say it’s comparable to Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. The big difference is that JUNOSKIN’s balm is silkier, has a very mild scent, and has dark spot brightening properties! That’s something that really sparked my interest in this product, as I have numerous dark spots I’ve been working to brighten.

Want to try it? Get 15% off with my code: DAWI15

Get it here:

Check out my full review:

*Disclaimer: Some affiliate links may be used, which I may earn a small commission from (at no cost to you).

New Montana House Tour!

Late blog post! It’s been a crazy past few weeks and we JUST moved into our new house in Montana. So, my fiancé and I have been busy getting settled and getting things organized.

We’re also still in the middle of wedding planning, so we’re definitely keeping busy!

While our home isn’t completely done, we’ve made major progress with unpacking. I’m still working on getting my office set up, and we’re still in the middle of painting certain rooms to make it more our style.

My fiancé painted our laundry room last night and it looks great! Now all that’s left are the brown cabinets.

I also unboxed my Rothy’s Portfolio – get $20 off with my code:

Watch the full house tour:

Our Engagement Photos

One of the last things we were able to do before our move to Montana, was our engagement photo shoot. For that, we used the gorgeous backdrop of Garden of the Gods – and I LOVE how each shot turned out!

Our photographer, Mindy Miller, captured my vision for this shoot. I love her work and I’m so glad my fiancé chose her as our photographer! She also took our surprise proposal pics at the Broadmoor a few weeks earlier. I saw her before the proposal, but I always see photographers at the Broadmoor, so I didn’t think anything of it at the time!

I had two outfits planned for our engagement shoot. One dressy and one a little more casual, but still somewhat dressy.

For the dressy portion of the shoot, I wore a white, floral, flowy dress from Amazon. I got it in a size small and thought it was perfect for my shoot. It was the perfect length too! I paired with neutral-colored heels.

Get the dress here.

My second outfit was a sweater dress from Rosie Daze Boutique. It was freezing that day, around 30 degrees or so, I think. So, I made sure to wear my warmest outfit last. I got the dress in a size small and paired it with black knee-high boots. I love Rosie Daze Boutique and feel their outfits run true to size, it takes the guesswork out when trying to figure out your sizing!

Get the sweater dress here.

The black sweater my fiancé is wearing was actually supposed to be his second outfit, to match with my sweater dress. We had went shopping earlier that week to find him a dressy top to go with the first part of the shoot. However, he showed up in this sweater and a BLACK button-down.

And so, I will always remember this as the day he was supposed to wear a burgundy colored button-down.

Teami Facial Oils | Review


Hi guys! We’re still living the hotel life in Montana as we get ready to move into our new home.

You may remember in my previous vlog, I’ve slowly been taking over the bathroom counter with all my skincare products.. oops! However, it’s important to me to maintain the same level of skincare that I would maintain at home!

Right now, my main struggle is keeping clean face masks on hand. I don’t leave the hotel every day, so I haven’t been able to spray toner on my facemask before use (we need to wear them inside the hotel in the halls or when we grab breakfast, but not in our own rooms of course!). The Trader Joe’s toner I normally use for my face masks has been in my car since we left Colorado. I’ve also been using the same face mask for a week (eek!!) and my chin is taking a hit.

Overall, it’s been rough in terms of skincare! And while it’s crazy windy in Great Falls, MT, my skin has been super hydrated!

I’ve been using tea-infused facial oils from Teami’s skincare line and it’s been amazing for my skin. I was definitely hesitant at first, as my skin is typically oily, but it hasn’t made it oiler!

In the morning, I use Teami’s Glow Facial Oil. It’s made with jojoba oil, rose petals, and cinnamon bark. This is one I was especially excited about because the ingredients like the rose petals are said to help lighten dark spots! I love using this before I apply my makeup.

You guys.. I’ve noticed a difference in the dark spots above my lip!! They have definitely lighten up since I started using this and I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of it! So, I definitely won’t stop using this!

At night, I use Teami’s Repair Facial Oil. It’s made with chamomile tea flowers, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, and vitamin E oil, just to name a few ingredients. This replaces my moisturizer at night and is very long-lasting.

I’ve also been using their Rose Quartz facial roller, which in all honesty I thought facial rollers were a complete joke! But I am here to confess… I’m addicted.

The benefits may be temporary, but I love it because it’s helped with my sinus headaches, which I will always get between eyes, at the top of the bridge of my nose. I’ll use it in the morning (and my makeup does seem to go on smoother), and I’ll use at night while I’m watching TV. It feels great after a long day too!

Interested in trying any of these products out? Use my code: ONAIR20 to get 20% off from Teami!

Looking for a face mask? Teami’s Beauty Mask is still my favorite and I’m so upset I didn’t pack it in my skincare bag during the move!

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