Month: October 2023

My Puffer Vest Collection

Tis the season for puffer vests! We might be a little past that here in Montana, but I’m sure we’ll have a few “warmer” days where it’s not totally freezing here.

To me, a good puffer vest can add a lot to your outfit, and really help elevate it. I don’t consider myself a real fashion blogger/influencer, but I do feel pretty fashionable in a nice puffer vest – lol. In fact, my puffer vest collection has grown since moving to Montana – I only had one puffer vest in Colorado!

Out of my four puffer vests, half are from Amazon and the other half came from other shops. Fortunately, I found similar options that are still available; so three out of the four puffer vests I’m sharing are from Amazon.

  1. Black Oversized Amazon Puffer Vest
  2. Cropped Amazon Puffer Vest
  3. Free People-inspired Amazon Puffer Vest (very similar looking to the one I bought from an online boutique)
  4. Brown Teddy vest (I don’t have this one, personally)

As for sizing in all of these – I wear a size small. Even if a puffer vest says “oversized” on Amazon, I still get a size small.

What I love most about puffer vests is the versatility of them. I can wear them with jeans, leggings, and even sweatpants. So, it’s perfect to wear when I’m out running errands, or lounging at home and want to look a bit more put together.

I have a try-on of my puffer vest collection in my YouTube video down below.

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Beachwaver Sale!

If you’ve been eyeing a Beachwaver, you’ll want to check out this sale!

The S-Series is $80 off from now until Sunday.. plus an additional 20% off with my code (CHRISTINADWAVE)! Whether you’re buying for yourself or getting an early start on your holiday shopping, this is a great deal you can take advantage of!

There are three options for hair tools that are part of the S-Series however, there are only two sizes. The S.75 will give you a tighter and bouncier curl, while the S1.25 will give you bigger, looser waves. I have both sizes, with the S.75 model in the Catwalk model. All variations include the fast and slower speed options.

All set with your hair tools? I’m happy to share that my discount code will still give you 20% off ANY item on their website (I just tested this a few hours ago)! This means if you’re not interested in the S-Series, you can still save on any hair tool or any haircare product!

My Top 3 Beachwaver Haircare Products

Looking for Something Different?

If you’re looking for something that gives you more variety, I would recommend the multi-barrel set. It includes three different interchangeable wands:

  • B1 (1-inch)
  • Curly Cone (a tapered wand from a 1″ base to a 0.5″ top)
  • Mega Cone (a tapered wand from a 1.5″ base to a 1″ top)

The sale ends Sunday, Oct. 22nd, and I’m pretty sure that is when my discount code will revert back to giving you 10% off.

Happy shopping! <3


*Disclaimer: Some affiliate links may be used, which I may earn a small commission from (at no cost to you). As an Amazon Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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