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My 2024 Double-Cleansing Routine

If you’re one of my YouTube subscribers, you may have already seen my video on my new double-cleansing routine. However, I thought it may be helpful to have a blog post about it, with some written details – for all my blog lovers out there!

My last blog post about this was four years ago, so you’re definitely due for an updated look at my new routine! Good news: it’s been simplified!

So, what is double-cleansing?

Double-cleansing is a two-step process where you first wash your face with an oil-based cleanser, then again with a water-based cleanser.

Who should double-cleanse?

From how I understand it, double-cleansing is beneficial for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin, and anyone who wears heavy makeup. I myself, have oily skin and used to wear heavy makeup, but have greatly simplified my makeup routine recently. Today, I still continue to double-cleanse – I don’t think I can stop! But here’s why: I wear a ton of sunscreen (hello, melasma) and will even reapply it throughout the day using powder sunscreen. I’ll also usually wear some makeup over my sunscreen. Combine all that with my oily skin – double-cleansing is a must for me.

How I double-cleanse

What used to be a routine containing 2-3 products, is now down to one product: One cleanser! I also take it one step further and have started incorporating my Nu Skin Lumispa (check out my blog post all about it here).

My first step is using this Soft Wash from Dr. Idriss on my dry face. What I like about the Soft Wash is that it feels like a mix of my Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm and a water-based cleanser, all in one. After massaging the cleanser all over my face, you can see your makeup start to melt off. After that, I rinse my face with water and continue to massage the cleanser all over my face.

My face feels pretty clean afterward and doesn’t feel stripped of my natural moisture. This cleanser is also great if you wear contacts or glasses, as it won’t sting your eyes when you open them (to check if you’ve covered your whole face!). Afterward, I dry my face with a dedicated face towel. I like this 12-pack of face towels from Amazon.

My second step is using the same cleanser, but washing my face with my Nu Skin LumiSpa. I’ll squeeze some cleanser on my LumiSpa, and dab it on the four quadrants of my face. I’ll then get a little bit of water on my LumiSpa, and then begin working it around my face – a total of two minutes! What comes off, is insane! Even if all I wore that day is tinted sunscreen, my “dirt swipe” from my LumiSpa is very brown. That reason alone, is why I can’t stop using my Lumi. I’ve got some before and afters of using my Lumi on that blog post linked above.

After being disgusted with my face, I rinse my face again and dry it off with a face towel. It is then, when I begin my nighttime skincare routine. Yes, I only double-cleanse at night!

While double-cleansing can be a process, sticking to only one cleanser that is gentle, yet powerful, can be life-changing for your skin! I absolutely recommend you give it a try if you have a similar skin type to mine.

Let me know how you double-cleanse and what your favorite products are!

*If you’re interested in getting a LumiSpa, send me a DM on Instagram. I’ll try to help you get a deal (like a discount or a free cleanser!)!

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JUNO & Co. | JUNOSKIN Cleansing Balm | Review

My office in our new home is almost complete! It feels great to have a space dedicated to the work on my blog – I’ll be sure to show you the finished look!

This week’s blog post is all about JUNOSKIN. I’m fairly new to JUNO & Co. and I’ve been enjoying learning about the company, which makes affordable skincare and makeup.

I reviewed their Moonshine Miracle Cream a while ago, which I think is comparable to SmashBox’s Photofinish primer.

If you’re new or just getting started with cleansing balms, I highly recommend checking out JUNOSKIN’s Clean 10 Cleansing balm.

It’s so incredibly silky and quickly melts in your fingers. It makes your makeup removal process so smooth and easy. Because it’s so silky, I was expecting it to leave a little bit of grease behind, but it doesn’t!

I’d say it’s comparable to Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. The big difference is that JUNOSKIN’s balm is silkier, has a very mild scent, and has dark spot brightening properties! That’s something that really sparked my interest in this product, as I have numerous dark spots I’ve been working to brighten.

Want to try it? Get 15% off with my code: DAWI15

Get it here: https://rb.gy/celfwt

Check out my full review:

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Double cleansing | Does it work?

Double cleansing: a term I’ve never heard of until a few weeks ago. 

When I looked up what double cleansing meant, I was surprised to learn I was already doing it! 

According to an article I read from the TODAY Show, it’s a two-step process where you first wash your face with an oil-based cleanser, then again with a water-based cleanser.

The oil-based cleansing balm will remove any makeup, dirt, and excess oils from deep into your pores!

Sounds great right? But, does it work?

My answer is yes! I’ve definitely noticed a huge difference in both how my skin looks and feels after double-cleansing. I’ve also noticed fewer breakouts around my chin, which is where they tend to appear these days. My face also looks brighter, and just cleaner!

Now, even when I’m tired, I ALWAYS make sure to do my complete cleansing routine!

Here’s a look at the products I use:

  • I start out with Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. For a while, I was ONLY using this to remove my makeup and cleanse my face.. I definitely had makeup leftover on my face, but didn’t do anything about it.
  • A few months into this year, I started to use Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser after the cleansing balm. I was amazed at how good my skin felt afterward.
  • This would complete the double-cleansing process, but I recently started to add in a sample of Lancôme’s Creme Mousse Confort face wash. I didn’t think I would care for it much, but I LOVE it! I think I even get the full-size product once I’m out of my sample! 

In a way, it seems like I may be TRIPLE washing my face, but I kind of count the cleansing balm and water-based cleanser as one step, with the Lancôme cleanser being my second. It works for me and my face doesn’t feel irritated.

In the end, double-cleansing will forever be a part of my skincare system. It’s been great for my skin! Let me know which facial cleansers are your favorite!

Watch my video for a closer look at the products I use:

*I’m not a dermatologist or an expert in skincare. This is my experience with double-cleansing the products that work for me.

*Disclaimer: Some affiliate links may be used, which I may earn a small commission from (at no cost to you).

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